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How do I get my baby?

When you add your info to our notification list you will be notified when a babies become available for deposit. You will receive an email with pictures, prices, colors, sexes, etc. Adding your name to the list is not a commitment to buy.  You can remove your name from the list whenever you choose.  To be added to the list email dani@silversageaviaries.com with your name, home state, and any questions you have.

Babies are often available for deposit before they are DNA sexed and people may choose to put a deposit on that baby before the sex is known. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable so if you are looking for a specific sex it is best to place a deposit on an already DNA tested baby. Regardless of when the deposit is placed all babies will be either DNA sexed or mutation sexed before going to their new homes.

By placing a deposit you are agreeing to pick up or take delivery of the baby within 10 days of being notified by email that the bird has weaned. Exceptions will be made for extreme weather that prevents travel or safe shipping. If you do not pick up your bird or make acceptable arrangements to do so your deposit will be forfeit. Please be warry of third party shippers. We DO NOT EVER ship birds through the US postal system under any circumstances.

Why won’t you let me adopt a certain bird?

There may be many reasons but the most common is that we do NOT send brother-sister pairs to the same home.  You may have no intention of ever breeding them but sometimes birds get other ideas in their heads.  Sending a brother and sister to the same home risks inbreeding.  You are welcome to adopt brother-brother, sister-sister, or unrelated pairs as long as you are aware that they may choose not to tolerate sharing a cage even if you raise them together. We also do not sell any birds to people living in states where those birds are illegal and we do not ship overseas.

I am only interested in a certain sex of bird; how do I make sure I don’t get the other sex?
DNA sexing or mutation sexing is included in the adoption fee.  You will know the sex of your baby before you take them home. In extremely rare cases the lab may deliver incorrect sex results in which case you will be issued a partial refund on your bird or credit toward your next bird, whichever you prefer. We have been fortunate to never have this issue. We are extremely diligent in preventing cross-contamination of samples and we use only the most reliable labs for our DNA tests and disease screening.

Is there a health guarantee?
Yes. you are encouraged to take the bird to a Certified Avian Veterinarian for a wellness exam right away, and once a year for the life of the bird. The health guarantee states that if a Certified Avian Vet finds illness, injury, defect, or other medical problem within 3 days (72 hours) of leaving our property which is likely to have originated with us, we will either take the bird back for a full refund, or cover vet expenses up to the original adoption price. In the case of shipping delays outside the control of the buyer, this policy is extended to 3 days after the bird arrives at the destination.

Do you ship?
Yes. Sometimes the weather may not permit safe shipping, and there may be other factors such as Covid restrictions as well, but as a rule shipping is not a problem. The buyer may need to travel to get to the nearest airport which handles animals; we are not able to ship to all airports, but we will do our best to be accommodating. Buyers who are unable to meet babies in person before shipping are encouraged to set aside time for a video meeting to get to know the individual personalities of the different chicks before making their selections. If you live in a very cold or very hot climate you may not be able to get a baby during certain times of the year.

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