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-How do I get my baby?

When you add your info to our notification list you will be notified when a clutch of babies weans.  Adding your name to the list is not a commitment to buy.  You can remove your name from the list whenever you choose. 

One week after the notification the babies will be available for deposit. Adopters who are not able to visit in person are encouraged to schedule a video chat to get to know the personalities of the individual babies.

 If two people want to place a deposit on the same bird at the same time, preference will be given to the person who added their name to the list first. 

Once a deposit is in place we will schedule delivery or pickup. Payment in full is due 48 hours before shipment.  You must be at the airport to pick up your bird when they arrive.

-Can I get a discount if I buy multiple birds?

The adoption fees for pet birds will not change but the shipping fees are per container, not per animal. If the birds you are purchasing are friendly with each other they can be shipped in the same container.  If you are purchasing a large number of birds a larger crate will be used and may affect shipping costs.  If you are purchasing untamed breeder birds discounts on multiples are available.

-Why won’t you let me adopt a certain bird?

There may be many reasons but the most common is that we do NOT send brother-sister pairs to the same home.  You may have no intention of ever breeding them but sometimes birds get other ideas in their heads.  Sending a brother and sister to the same home risks inbreeding.  You are welcome to adopt brother-brother, sister-sister, or unrelated pairs as long as you are aware that they may choose not to tolerate sharing a cage even if you raise them together.

-My friend told me that Indian Ringnecks don’t make good pets; is that true?

If it were, we wouldn’t raise them. However they are extremely UNIQUE and not the right fit for every parrot lover. If you want a conure, you will not be happy with a ringneck.  If you want a cockatiel, you will not be happy with a ringneck.  This is why we spend so much time talking to each prospective family to be sure a ringneck really is the right choice for them before proceeding with the adoption. If we feel that a ringneck would be a poor fit for your family, we reserve the right to offer suggestions and direct you elsewhere. 

-I am only interested in a certain gender of bird; how do I make sure I don’t get the other gender?

DNA sexing is included in the adoption fee.  You will know the gender of your baby before you take them home.

-Is there a health guarantee?

Yes. The owner is encouraged to take the bird to a Certified Avian Veterinarian for a wellness exam right away, and once a year for the life of the bird. The health guarantee states that if a Certified Avian Vet finds illness, injury, defect, or other medical problem within 3 days (72 hours) of leaving our property which is likely to have originated with us, we will either take the bird back for a full refund, or cover vet expenses.

-I heard there was a contract; what is it and do I have to sign it?

Yes there is, and yes you do. The contract is in place as a safety net for the birds. We do our best to screen and educate prospective buyers but we cannot know everything. The contract protects birds in case they are placed in a situation not as ideal as we thought. It can be summed up as follows:
1) you may not abuse or neglect the bird.
2) You may not breed the bird without my written consent.
3) you may not sell or rehome the bird. If you no longer wish to live with the bird, you must return the bird to me.

If you are interested in knowing more about why we insist on this policy, please take a moment to read our article entitled “How To Save Unwanted Parrots,”

-Do you ship?

Yes, we ship at our discretion, at buyer’s expense. Sometimes the weather may not permit safe shipping, and there may be other factors as well but as a rule shipping is not a problem. The buyer may need to travel to get to the nearest airport which handles animals; we are not able to ship to all airports, but we will do our best to be accommodating. Buyers who are unable to meet babies in person before shipping are encouraged to set aside time for a video meeting to get to know the individual personalities of the different chicks before making their selections.

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